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One of our greatest strengths is our versatility in faciliating our clients' diverse needs where concerted efforts combining products and additonal services are required.

With our own warehouse and workshop in Hong Kong, we are able to tightly control all the processes and we pride ourselves in the QUALITY and EFFICIENCY in all that we do.


Here are some of the services we offered: 

Refilling and Replenishing

We help our clients to refill / replenish their kits or recurrent items on a regular basis.

Cleaning and Packaging

For reusable items, we offer cleaning and repackaging services together with the packing materials.


Silverware electroplating service.


We affix any labels of your choice to items of all kinds. From standard labels on bottles to stainless steel plates on curved surfaces, we will suggest the right solution for you.


We provide large batch framing service, e.g. certificates and letters of appreciation.

Special Projects

What is the project in your mind? Talk to us, we will find a way to make it happen. For instance, we have developed a project where we would retrieve the used items from our client's warehouse weekly, inspect, repack and deliver new and intact ones to their designated locations and arrange the damaged ones for recycling. 

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