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Airlines and Mass Transportation 
General Supplies

Items we have sourced / produced:

Ear muff, sick bag, mini-vase on the plane, soap dispenser, alluminium extendible window wand, body bag, baby / gift / seasonal kits for customers, alluminium music instrument box and more ...


Tailor-made Bags and Uniforms

Items we have sourced / produced:

Souvenir bags, non-woven bags, bags for specific purposes like survey bag, postage bag, ipad bag, waist bag, tool bag, handbag for crew, briefcase, luggage, polo-shirt with logos, jackets, raincoats, stockings and more ...

Catering Services Supplies


Items we have sourced / produced:

Tongs, disposable utensils, toothpicks, salt and pepper holders, water bottle holders, jar / jug, bread basket, food boxes, serving tray, frying pan, tea bag, wine cork and more ...

Physical Security Supplies

Items we have sourced / produced:

Search mirror with special features installed, security net combined with locking systems for cargo security purposes, ABS security container, multi-locking systems padlocks, baton, reflective vest and more ... 

Medical / Healthcare Supplies


Items we have sourced / produced: 

Cotton gloves, disposable gloves, various grades of masks, doctor gown, thermometer, first aid kits, alchohol pads, disinfectant products and more ...

The Genie at your fingertips


We virtually supply everything ... well ok, not softwares and the like. 


There are some categories which we supply on a regular basis but aren't listed above. For example, all personal care products where you can find at club houses and gyms including towels, bodywash and shampoo with the scent of your choice; electronic appliances where bulk purchase discount can be offered; stationery items in specific style and logo imprinted, and cleaning products and tools etc. 


In the past years, we have made some very "special" items for our clients and the below list is by no means exhaustive:


Wooden or alluminium notice boards of all sizes and shapes

Alluminium extendible window wand

Body bag

Alluminium musical instrument box

Search mirror with special features installed

ABS security container

Tailor-made plastic racks to hold specific items on food serving trolley

Security net combined with locking systems for cargo security purposes


If you have any items or even just an idea in mind and don't know where to find or make them, we are here to help!



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